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1  - 18 december 2022

Festival Marenostrum


Marenostrum", international festival of Mediterranean photography now in its sixth edition, was born seven years ago in Mazara del Vallo from an idea of the photographer Roberto Rubino, president of the cultural association "The alleys of the Mediterranean" and artistic director of the Festival. In these years the festival has hosted inside important photographic exhibitions signed by the most prestigious names in the panorama of international photography. These are photographic projects that focus on the Mediterranean and that document humanitarian disasters, migration, wars, famines, rescues at sea.
The sea remains the central element, which gathers around itself characters, destinies, stories of peoples and civilizations, but "Marenostrum" tells at the same time the extraordinary beauty of the landscapes, the cities that overlook this sea, the streets, alleys, squares, the markets, the colors, the faces of the men and women who populate them.
These visions are intertwined with stories of welcome, integration, work, building paths of peace not only through photography but also with the help of cultural events that animate and enrich the program of the festival: debates, workshops with exhibitors, book presentations, concerts, conferences, with particular attention to the theme of rights, solidarity and peace.



“Feminine Mediterranean” Seafarers have always been strong, able to withstand any vicissitude, "agent of integration" not only within the female reality, but also within their own families and communities both along the African and European coasts . In a historical era in which the voice of women takes on more and more authority, it is necessary to ask ourselves about the feminine by questioning ourselves in the round. And if historically the voice of women is always an "embodied" voice, in the Mediterranean, which is a border in transit, that voice has also meant restlessness, temptation and even silence itself: what changes has the contemporary world brought to the identity of the feminine? Are these changes transversal along the shores of the “mare Nostrum”? It is not only the right to gender equality that imposes listening to the feminine today, but a substantial necessity, because in the end, the very soul of the Mediterranean is a woman. The seventh edition of the festival was dedicated to women. We want to tell stories of women photographed by women, stories of pain and hope, of introspection, where the image becomes testimony, the power of the story, the seal of the moment and the testimony becomes a reason for meeting, empathy, participation.



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